Our projects and clients demand the teamwork of many disciplines. As an extension of our philosophy of personal commitment to quality, we select consultants with the same exacting standards for service and performance that we strive to provide to our clients.

Just as we devote our resources with appropriate experience for a particular project, we also build our project teams and manage them with careful consideration of the needs of the particular client and project type.

We understand that our ability to perform is directly tied to quality of service of all members of the team. As leader of that team, our success is dependent upon our capacity to effectively communicate with the team and to manage the process. Our success is due not only to the quality of our design vision and attention to detail, but to our effective team leadership.

Professional Services

In addition to full service architectural design and planning, we offer specialized services to support our clients’ predesign needs. Examples of these are as follows:

Feasibility Reports

We offer comprehensive services for feasibility analysis for facility requirements and suitability, site development and redevelopment options, site selection and market evaluation. Together with specialized consultants, we have experience in cost evaluation and in the preparation of pro-formas for a range of projects. We are able to assist our clients in anticipating many of the planning and business considerations for a particular project in its early stages.


Facilities Assessment

We offer a range of services related to assessment of existing buildings and properties, for physical and functional analysis as well as land use and code compliance. To support this work, we have an array of consultants on the West Coast with whom we can respond quickly and efficiently.

Site Masterplanning

We provide complete site masterplanning services for facilities and infrastructure. This may as simple as providing context, constraints, and opportunity analysis and conceptual level modeling. More expansively, it could include detailed programming and three dimensional design, along with project phasing, cost and schedule projections.